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Business owners these days seldom find the time they need to attend to every detail of their business that keeps it fresh and growing, let alone take on the task of selling the business when the time has come to move on.

Just as you are the expert in what you do best - running your successful business, we are the experts at successfully marketing businesses for sale and bringing qualified buyers to the table.








Our success lies in our wide resource network

We work with Australias leading marketplaces for business opportunities and International buyer sources


A qualified buyer has the financial capacity, qualifications, skills, desire and motivation to buy your business. No more tyre kickers coming to take up your time - our process will only introduce qualified buyers.

  • The many available channels include:::;
  • Associated Specialist Business Brokers
  • International and National internet sites advertising businesses for sale
  • Investors - nationally and internationally
  • Migrants to Australia
  • Migration Agents
  • Social Media
  • Legal and Accounting professionals


A migrant buyer under the Federal Government 188 visa program must prove or guarantee the following

They may only buy a type of business that they have previously owned or operated.

This option allows for migrants with the skills and funds to come to australia and fast track their residency qulaifications.

Once having been authorised and issued with a 188 (preliminary) visa these buyers are on a deadline to complete the transaction in order to move forward towards permanent residency.

Migrating buyers must have the funds to purchase the business outright.

So these potential buyers have the need, desire and the money making them cashed up, qualified buyers.